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Process Instrumentation & Emission Monitoring Systems

  •  Process gas analyzers
  • Multi component analyzer systems for GAS and LIQUID.
  • Ultra low level detection of sulphur & chloride
  • UV/VIS/NIR/IR photometer
  • FTIR spectrometer
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Interference filter correlation
  • Paramagnetic/ Electrochemical for O2 measurement
  • Colorimetric
  • Chemiluminescence’s
  • Flame Ionization Detectors
  • NDIR absorption process

  • Emission monitoring gas analyzers (Extractive/ In-situ )
  • Multi component analyzers for Flue Gas Analysis
  • Modular gas analyzer system
  • H2S analyzer
  • Portable Total hydrocarbon analyzer
  • Cross-stack for In-situ measurement
  • Probe technology
  • UV transmission
  • Zirconium dioxide/ Paramagnetic/ Electrochemical for O2
  • NDIR photometer
  • Mercury Analyzers

  • Supervisory control & data acquisition system for emission monitoring
  • Measurement value processing
  • Remote maintenance
  • Continuous data recording and evaluation
  • Environmental monitoring report according to USPEA regulations
  • Communications software

  • Dust Monitoring
  • Direct, non contact & instant In-situ measuring technology
  • Cross stack & Probe version
  • Laser transmissiometry
  • Scattered light principle
  • Gravimetry

  • Flow Measurement (Gas and Liquid)
  • Ultrasonic Mass flow measuring system
  • Ultrasonic flow meter for custody transfer
  • Probe and Mechanical type flow measurement for Gas and Liquid (PD meters).

  • Water and Water analysis
  • Online TOC/TN/VOC analysis of Process & Wastewater
  • pH, Conductivity and Chlorine analyzers
  • Online monitoring for PPM concentration of petroleum oils in effluent and produced water (Oil in Water Analysis)

  • Moisture analyzers for natural gas
  • Portable Dew point analyzer
  • Online Moisture analyzer

  • Level measuring solutions for Storage Tanks
  • Continuous level measurement of bulk material
  • Bin level indicator for bulk material

  • Tunnel sensors and Traffic control
  • Visibility and CO measurement for road tunnels
  • Air velocity in tunnels



  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring and Weather Monitoring Stations
  • Particulate matters in ambient ( PM10 + PM2.5 + PM1 and Particle Sizes)
  • Air Quality monitoring stations
  • Internal Air quality and ultra fine aerosol monitors.

  • Valves
  • Control valves
  • Thermal mass flow meter
  • Gate & Globe valves
  • Bellow sealed valve
  • Ball & plug valve
  • Check & butterfly valve

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Process Instrumentation & Emission Monitoring Systems

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