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 Arabian Technical Trading Est. (ATTEST), located in Dammam that serve to various industries in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other G.C.C countries since 1990. ATTEST is one of the leading solution provider and engineering contractors with skilled and well-trained engineers as well as project team dedicated to Scientific, Laboratory and Analytical Equipment,Turn-Key Projects & Engineering Service for Laboratory and Process Instrumentation & Emission Monitoring Systems. Our sister concern, Arabian Contracting EST. is a turn-key contractor in the field of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical. Team ATTEST serving to Oil and Gas fields, Petrochemical Industries, Refineries, Water Desalination Plants, Tunnel instrumentation, Power Plants, Cement Plants, Food Industries, Universities, R&D Laboratories, Environmental & Pollution control monitoring agencies and other industries. ATTEST has the privileged of being the government certified contractor and registered with major customers including Aramco, SABIC, Saudi Electric, Marafiq, SWCC and working with major EPCC worldwide. We are one of the certified contractors by PME (Presidency of Meteorological and Environmental Authority, Saudi Arabia) to provide Emission monitoring solution and Air quality monitoring system.

About ATTEST Electrical & Automation


For almost a century, ATTest has been trendsetting in the field safety technology for hazardous and Saved areas. We provide future-oriented products as well as complete systems. We will find the optimum solution for every customer problem in explosion protection and Weatherproof – all over the world. We owe this outstanding position to the high quality standard of ATTest and to our reliability.
Our development will continue: In addition to international growth, the development of innovative products and trendsetting solutions, our focus is on the best possible support of our customers and other stakeholders. Read more


Our Mission

Vision to Plan

The process of improving measure of enterprise's success Business growth can be a achieved.

Plan to Market

Plan Market is a priority interest for many of organizations, when it comes to sustainability & corporate.

Vision to Plan

The process of improving measure of enterprise's success Business growth can be a achieved.

Over 25 years of experienced engineering

and project team in coorperation with international alliances to provide solutions to process instrumentation, emission monitoring scientific & analytical laboratory.

We are one of the govenrment certified
We are one of the certified contractors by PME
Our project team undertakes turnkey projects


An organization is made up of four resources, namely, men, material, money and machinery. Of these, the first one is living one, i.e., human and the other three are non-living i.e., non human, it is the human that make use of non-human resources. Hence, people are the most significant resources in an organization. It is man who makes all the difference in organization. Without doubt investing and developing the human potential is our major aspiration and Technical development and human resource development are areas that are of great interest to emerging countries.

ATTEST carefully designed different training programs not only for our employees but also for our valuable customers.